Flutter 社群中文資源網站特別說明 (免責條款)



宣告:你正在瀏覽的網站不隸屬於谷歌或 Alphabet 公司,它由熱愛 Flutter 和開源技術,以及希望在中國向全球 Flutter 做貢獻的開發者們維護。 Flutter 這幾個文英文字母和 Flutter 圖示及任何相關標誌均為 Google LLC 公司的商標,我們根據 Flutter 官方的 品牌說明,遵從社群使用例外的原則,使用了修改為紅色為主色調的 Flutter Logo。更多 Flutter 圖示和品牌的使用,請參考 Flutter 官方的 品牌說明


Flutter 中文資源網站(flutter.cn / flutter-io.cn) 及其分站,均在本免責條款下執行。


  • 中文文件網站與英文網站內容同步時間間隔不會超過一個月(首次完全翻譯發布之後);
  • 針對開發者在 GitHub Issues 裡提出的針對翻譯內容的修復,通常在三個工作日之內處理;
  • 本網站承諾不收集任何使用者敏感資料,如 個人可標識訊息(PII)
  • 本網站將不具備任何使用者互動功能,不產生任何使用者生產的內容(UGC);
  • 因不可抗力因素產生的問題,本網站有權隨時關停任何服務。


  • 網站中文資源的篩選和發布不代表本站和谷歌的立場;
  • 網站的中文翻譯內容貢獻者將以個人名義貢獻內容,與貢獻者公司無關。


Disclaimer: This is an independent website that runs by the developers in China who are passionate and enthusiastic about contributing Flutter from China, it’s not affiliated with or endorsed by Google and/or Alphabet. The “Flutter” name and logo are trademarks owned by Google. We’ve followed the branding guide in the official site for using the RED Color Flutter Logo.


All the main & subsites of flutter-io.cn and flutter.cn will follow this regulation.


  • The Flutter CN documents on our site will sync up with the main site (flutter.io) less than one time per month (after 1st release).
  • The Issues for the CN documents translation will be on tracking less than three working days.
  • We didn’t collect any sensitive data from users, like Personally Identifiable Information.
  • The site didn’t include any interactive features, and no UGC (User Generated Contents) like comments.
  • If the force majeure causes the problem, we have the rights to shut down some and/or all the services without explanations.

Special Notes

  • The links and the sites we recommended in our site, not represent it’s affiliated with or endorsed by Google and/or Alphabet.
  • All the Chinese contents that the developers contributed, just on behalf of themselves, not affiliated with their companies.